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We’re pioneers in mobile gaming with a driver and focus for high quality development, monetisation and user acquisition.

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PlaySide has four key divisions which span the games industry. This provides both stability and predictability in forecasts whilst maintaining strong growth potential. Our Brands & Licensing division deal with consistent and large fixed price contracts that are getting bigger as games get more complex. In our Original IP division, we develop, publish and maintain our own branded titles. So far we’ve launched Over 20 original games, which combined have received over 35 million downloads and 10 #1 chart positions. 5 of these titles have been sold to large Chinese publishers.

Through our Partnership divisions we develop IP to partner with leading publishers in growth geographies such as China. For partnerships we leverage our development capabilities, accepting a lower margin for a meaningful revenue share to participate in anticipated upside. PlaySide has also identified Esports as a hyper growth area of gaming and has invested in BIG Esports led by Chris Smith – one of the earliest pioneers of Esports in Australia.

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Self-funded and fully integrated

After 8 years of self funding as a profitable business and growing its capabilities PlaySide now is in the final step toward expansion. The company’s in-house abilities span creative conceptualisation, data science and analytics, development, marketing, distribution and maintenance of both original IP and licensed titles, which generate substantial recurring revenues and repeat business opportunities.

The science of hitting targets

PlaySide utilises a unique strategy to game creation and management which is built on solid data science. Their in-house data science team tests each step of development – from when the game is first conceived, right through until after publication – to ensure the game is well received and profitable. This approach results in predictable revenue generation and growth, while minimising development costs.

It’s about the company you keep

Through the quality of their games PlaySide has already secured contracts with numerous Hollywood studios for which the barriers to entry are significant. The company is also leveraging its investment in BIG Esports to gain invaluable strategic and developmental insights in the hyper growth arena of Esports. Other partnerships include equity shares with some of Youtube’s largest young creators – presenting a unique opportunity for qualified marketing efforts and huge brand impressions among highly engaged key audience groups.

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