Gerry Sakkas

CEO And Managing Director

Gerry is the CEO and co-founder of PlaySide and has spent over 13 years in the games industry. Gerry is a young, passionate leader who takes a creative visionary approach to leading his team. Gerry started his professional career at EA Games as a tester, and over the next 4 years made his way to lead designer of the Melbourne studio. Gerry worked on games such as Dead Space, The Godfather 2 and Dante’s Inferno.

Gerry’s strong entrepreneurial drive saw him leave EA and co-found PlaySide in 2011. For the past 8 years Gerry has been responsible for leading and growing PlaySide to a team of 70+ staff, with his creative drive a key focus for growth. Since PlaySide’s inception Gerry has led the team responsible for creating, designing and producing most of PlaySide’s largest titles, such as Catch The Ark, ICY ROPES, Bouncy BITS, Safe Zone and many more, with PlaySide’s revenue growing to $7.93m during FY20.

Gerry also led the team that designed one of the most downloaded augmented reality games ever produced, AR Dragon, which was one of the first commercial AR games to launch to market. Gerry graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Arts (Digital Arts and Games) in 2007. The Board considers that Mr Sakkas is not an independent Director.